Робот строитель деревянных конструкций

This film by London's Architectural Association School shows the robotic production of Woodchip Barn by its Design & Make programme – which is now expanding to include a specialist robotics strand.

Woodchip Barn is the school's first foray into robotic fabrication, and was produced by five students from the MArch Design & Make course earlier this year.

Located at the school's woodland research facility in Hooke Park, Dorset, it is the latest in a series of annual structures built by students from the course using wood from the surrounding area.

The success of Woodchip Barn has now led to the development of a new MSc Design & Make, which will focus on robotic technologies and their application in timber construction.

Starting this autumn, the 12-month residential MSc programme will run in parallel with the existing 16-month MArch Design & Make course at Hooke Park.

"We are making robotics core to the research we do here, and believe there is particular potential in the application of natural forms in architecture, especially in combination with 3D scanning technologies," Martin Self told Dezeen.

A robotic arm has been set up in Hooke Park's Big Shed workshop, a fabrication hall produced by the course in 2012. The robot used is a reconditioned Kuka KR-150 with a reach of 2.7 metres – the same type of industrial arm being used by architects and researcher Achim Menges to develop a carbon-fibre pavilion for London's V&A museum.

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